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My Healing Story - Miracles Do Happen
By Timothy Thompson
Miracles  |  Sat - March 14, 2020 8:00 pm  |  Article Hits:360  |  A+ | a-
Article title: My Healing Story
Username of the writer: Faij

Contrary to what many people believe, miracles do still happen. I always like sharing with people what God has done in my life. So if you’re feeling discouraged, don’t give up yet. Keep your faith and trust in God, and he’ll for sure come through for you. Today, I’ll share my healing story and hopefully, it’ll inspire someone to continue believing in Christ.

In March 2014, there was a lump in my right breast. It was very big. However, I ignored it for a while as it didn’t come with any pain. But then after a few weeks, it was very painful. Then, I knew that everything wasn’t okay.

After speaking to some few friends, they advised me to seek medical treatment. I generally don’t like being in hospitals. Plus, I’ve suffered from anxiety during my teenage days. Therefore, I had to take time to gather courage. When I finally went to the doctor, I wasn’t surprised when he detected breast cancer.

Although I grew up in a Christian family, I’ve always had doubts about the love of God for me. When I was 10, my mum got very sick. Every day, we prayed with my dad for her healing. We asked God not to let her die. And indeed, she was healed. But, when she was coming from the hospital she got into an accident that killed her. From there on I started believing that God did not care about me. So being told that there was a tumor in my breast, didn’t come as a surprise.

However, weirdly I wasn’t angry at God. In fact, I started praying. But, I was frightened and overwhelmed. Sometimes I’d cover my face and start crying trying to make sense of all these. Overcoming fear isn’t easy. But I wanted to live. So, I had to get over it.

The doctor advised me to get surgery and start chemotherapy. But after doing four chemo sessions, I got tired. One day, after taking my medicines, I sat down and told God that I’m not doing that anymore. “You gave me this disease, and I trust that you’re going to do a miracle for me. I’m not going for chemo anymore. If you can’t heal me then let me die.” That was my prayer. But when I finished saying those words, there was divine refreshment in me. My body was stronger and I even did laundry on my own that day.

My hope and belief were in God. Every day I could pray, sometimes for hours. I literally stood on the word. I kept saying, “Well, if he said by his stripes we’re healed, then I'm healed.” See, the thing about serious illnesses is that they bring you closer to God. You start believing in his power, he becomes your only hope. It was during those days that I built a tight friendship with him. No day could pass without me talking to him.

I started a regimen of healthy eating and exercise. After three years, I took a blood test and there was no cancer in my body. I remember kneeling down and thanking God in the hospital. Everyone was surprised. But I just wanted to praise God. Like, wow, ‘thank you, Jesus. You went to Calvary and shed your blood so for me.’ I was so happy to tell people that “I’m okay.”

So whenever you are sick, remember that Jesus is the healer. You might get a good doctor or use quality medicines, but don’t forget that Jesus is the true Healer.
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