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The MiracleThat Is My Life
By Timothy Thompson
Miracles  |  Sat - March 14, 2020 7:55 pm  |  Article Hits:359  |  A+ | a-
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The MiracleThat Is My Life......

Miracles manifest themselves in different ways for different people. I am a true miracle in life, a testimony that I can attest through my unbelievable accomplishments in life. Among the millions of sperms that could have been potential children for my parents, I was chosen! Also, this meant that I was the winner among millions of other versions of myself! I was born prematurely, and at 32 weeks and amid all odds, I survived! At birth, I was only 1.4 pounds, but at 42 weeks, I was 6.5 pounds! All these miracles in my life could not have been possible for me without the Grace of God.

My Family My Support Miracle

Despite having achieved all the stated miracles, God further blessed my life by offering me a lovely and supportive family as my last miracle. Since my early childhood, my parents were religious persons. They cultivated the qualities of love and friendship in me, which are personal attributes that have made me learn how to develop good social relationships with others in society. Last and most importantly, my family has been my social support system. Additionally, that is because they have always been there to support me physically, psychologically, and emotionally at my time of need.

My Early Childhood Miracle

My childhood was fun – though not all the time. Also, that is because, unlike other kids of my age, my understanding of various basic aspects of life was not quite as fast as their comprehension. It is not until I was nine-years-old did my parents realize that I had a learning disability. Fortunately, my parents managed to secure for me an enrolment in a school for children with learning disabilities. Today, because of God’s favor and his miracles, I have managed to take my education to college level, and I am pursuing the nursing profession training, which has always been my childhood dream.

Build Your Miracle

Miracles are an essential part of our life. The hope for a miracle strengthens our faith in God, as the supreme divine intervener for all our earthly worries. Also, miracles give us the strength to overcome tribulations and the joy of walking the path of divinity with God, our creator. Moreover, through our miracles, we can inspire others to take heart and be strong in pursuing all their earthly ambitions. As such, seek your miracle today, by building your faith and trust in God and working hard to chase your dreams.

Refer To His Word and Secure Your Miracle

In my past, the Holy Bible has always been my reference point when searching for miracles. Mark 9:23 states that success is possible for the person who believes. Luke 18:27 says that the things that are considered impossible with men are attainable with God. Lastly, Matthew 19:26 states that with men, things can be impossible, but with belief in God, all things in life are possible. As such, have faith in God, for he grants all the anointed miracles in life.
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